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Nancy Davis breaks down how to trade volatility on CNBC

Quadratic Capital Management's Nancy Davis — who correctly predicted the blow-up in the popular wager on low volatility by hedge funds before last week's plunge — thinks the market will remain turbulent...

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Quadratic featured in The Economist

FOUR out of five hedge-fund managers had expected Britain to vote to remain in the European Union, according to a poll by Preqin, a data firm. But a handful saw Brexit coming and invested accordingly. They made hundreds of millions by betting against assets that were likely...

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Quadratic featured in Business Insider

The UK has voted to leave the European Union, a shock decision that sent markets crashing on Friday.

For a small band of hedge funds, the decision, and its impact on the market, led to outsize returns.

The gains are especially noteworthy, as many funds went in to the vote having...

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Quadratic featured in Institutional Investor

Bias, culture and a harsh business climate keep women on the margins of the hedge fund industry. Can networking and emerging manager programs help?...

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Absolute Return

Quadratic featured in Institutional Investor

The most senior part of the corporate capital structure is threatened with turmoil due to several destabilizing factors. Leveraged loans have become popular floating rate credit instruments for investors concerned about a rising yield environment. A combination of bubble-style lending practices...

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